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Adult Skills

Access to Higher Education

Keen to get to university but don’t have the A-Levels required?

Our Access to Higher Education courses are tailor-made for students aged 19+ who are planning to study for a degree but don’t have the qualifications needed.

We offer Access to Higher Education courses in a range of subjects, so you can choose the one that best relates to your intended subject of degree study.

We understand the need for you to be able to fit studying into your busy schedule so our courses have regular start dates and flexible learning options.

Study your Access course... for free!

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Don't let the cost of study put you off achieving your ambitions. You can get an Advanced Learner Loan to help with the cost of your Access course - and then not have to pay it back! Completing your Access course and then going on to complete a Higher Education programme means your loan gets written off!

If you do have to pay back your loan, you'll only start to do this once you're earning over the required threshold. Read more about Advanced Learner Loans.

Flexibility for learning

Our Access courses are designed to be flexible for adult learners, and are taught in a variety of ways so that you can fit your studies around your other commitments.

Where possible, you can choose to study your course two days a week, one day a week or one evening a week.

All Access programmes last no more than 12 months and you can start the course in September, October, January, April or June.

Further information

Speak to our Engagement Services team on 020 3667 0294 or drop them an email to learn more about Access courses, and to discuss which one to study for your university plans.