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Two school children, one male, one female in school uniform, including a white shirt and blue striped tie. Both are sitting and looking at a tablet. The female is pointing to the screen and both are smiling

Introduction & Welcome

Our Schools Engagement Team works closely with schools, sixth forms and Careers Advisors to ensure young people are informed about the ever-growing choice of study options available, as they progress into Further and Higher Education.

At Barking & Dagenham College, our aim is to inform your students about the range of courses and Apprenticeships available, as well as offering information, advice and guidance to help choose what’s right for them.

At BDC, we are committed to providing all the information needed for your learners, so they can make the right decisions to help shape their future, raise aspirations and achievement within the community.

We understand that every young person is different and therefore each learning journey will be tailored to suit each student. We also think it's important for young people to know that we are here to support their wellbeing too and can offer counselling, mentoring and enrichment activities alongside their studies!