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Exam Information

Summer 2023 exam series

The below information relates to the national dated examinations that will be taking place this summer. Some practical and online exams take place all year round and candidates are notified of those dates by their tutors as they are made available.

Before examinations begin, candidates must familiarise themselves with the below documents published by the Joint Council for Qualifications.

Information for candidates – written exams

Phones poster

Warning to candidates poster

JCQ preparing to sit your exams

Privacy notice

Social Media

Contingency Days

These are now timetabled for the afternoons of the 8th and 15th June as well as the day of 28th June 2023. These contingency days are designed to be used in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations. Candidates should make themselves available for these dates should examinations be moved.

Exam Guide for Candidates

The below guide has been designed to inform candidates, parents, carers and guardians about exam procedures and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding exams at Barking & Dagenham College.

Exam guide for candidates

Exam timetable for GCSE examinations

GCSE English Language

Paper 1 – Monday 5th June – 9am – 1hr 45m

Paper 2 – Monday 12th June – 9am – 1hr 45m

GCSE Mathematics

Paper 1 – Non-calculator – Friday 19th May – 9am – 1hr 30m

Paper 2 – Calculator – Wednesday 7th June – 9am – 1hr 30m

Paper 3 – Calculator – Wednesday 14th June – 9am – 1hr 30m

Exam timetable for Core Maths

Paper 1 – Wednesday 17th May – 9am – 1hr 30m

Paper 2 – Wednesday 24th May – 9am – 1hr 30m

Exam timetable for BTEC examinations


Exam timetable for T-level examinations


Confirmation of exam entries

Candidates will receive an email before their examination with a personalised timetable for the examinations that they have been entered for along with other relevant information. If any of the information is incorrect or the candidate believes an examination is missing, please contact the exams team by emailing

Summer results days

The results days for the summer examinations can be found below. Results will be sent to candidates college email addresses from 9am; candidates will not be required to come onsite to collect their results. We would advise candidates check their email address prior to the day to ensure they can login.

Under no circumstances will results be shared with candidates on their personal email addresses.

Level 3 BTEC, T-level and Core Maths examinations

17th August from 9am

Level 2 BTEC and GCSE examinations

24th August from 9am

Results for qualifications without national exam results

Results for qualifications that do not include a national exam result may differ depending on the Awarding Bodies submission and certification process.

For qualifications where exams and assessments are continuing, the results will be released as and when they are processed by the Awarding Body. Candidates will receive an email confirming their result to their College email address.

Post Results Services

If there are serious ground for concern about a result then the College can request a Post Results Service from the appropriate Awarding Body. The process should be started as soon as possible after consultation with the Head of Department concerned. The final date for submission to the Awarding Bodies is within three weeks after results are issued. Details of the procedures, the fees involved and application form can be found in the document below.

Please note, some qualifications are not eligible for a Post Results Service, the service/charge is per paper and results can go down as well as up.

Post results service info document


The Awarding Bodies issue certificates well after the exams have taken place (usually at the end of October for summer exams). Certificates are posted to the candidate’s home address once they have been processed by the Exams Team.

We advise candidates that have moved home address during the academic year to update their address with the Admissions Team at the front of the College if they have not already done so.