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Robert, Multiply Short Course

“I’ve been given the opportunity to learn here and I’m very happy that I’m doing this course”

Robert is currently studying the Multiply Maths short course, alongside his full-time Level 3 Award in Teaching course.

Multiply courses are tailored to help students gain the numeracy skills needed for work, that are recognised by employers.

Robert has really enjoyed his time at BDC so far, being able to learn new things and meet new people. In his Multiply course, he has been learning about money management, whilst gaining insight into managing a business.

Robert says the Multiply course has helped him with his Award in Teaching course, as it has increased his knowledge in maths, which plays a huge part in teaching. Robert says, “Maths comes up in every part of life, whether we know it or not, so it has been really helpful to understand more”.

Already being a chef by trade and having gained many skills in the food industry, once Robert has passed his courses, his overall career ambition is to be a Hospitality Lecturer.

Overall, Robert has had a very positive experience at BDC learning both subjects, which he says has broadened his outlook and has been able to learn so much.

Good numeracy skills can unlock new job opportunities and Robert is well on his way to boosting his career possibilities.

“If you want to change career and have the opportunity to do so, take it and run with it. The world is changing and having new knowledge and skills is very beneficial.”

Robert McCalla, Multiply Short Course

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