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Symons-Hatton Award

The award recognises the personal achievements of students on lens-based programmes, such as Photography & Moving Image.

Founded in memory of passionate and talented photographers Brian Hatton and Lucinda Symons, it celebrates students' commitment and their enthusiasm for their subject and their studies.

The award seeks to showcase the college's student talent, and to boost the job prospects of deserving nominees and winners.

The award is presented at the college's annual Higher Education Graduation Ceremony which takes place each November.

Roll of honour

Gloria Mezzanotte - Photography
Helen Taylor - Photography
Gavin Rotherham - Photography
Rezija Samoska - Photography

Ruby Chapman - Photography
Baylea Burgess Michaels Hayter - Photography
Catherine Rothschild - Photography

Tamas Sarkany - Photography
Igors Tarasenko - Photography
Vanessa Morrisson - Creative Media Production
Indre Neiberkaite - Photography
Nathan Rose - Animation

First prize: Chris Thorne, Creative Media Production
First prize: Michael Scott, Photography
Commended: Indre Neiberkaite, Photography
Commended: Gary Dudman, Creative Media Production

First prize: William Jimenez Bustos, Photography
Highly commended: Gary Dudman, Creative Media Production
Highly commended: Daura Alytiene, Photography
Special Recognition Award: Gessami Dato Mazo, Animation

First prize: Sharmaarke Adan, Photography
Highly commended: Pavel Burmistrov, Creative Media Production
Commended: Luke Creasy, Photography
Commended: Louise Levitt, Creative Media Production
Special Recognition Award: Catherine McGurk, Animation

First prize: Naghi Yousef, Photography
Highly commended: Sophie Willison, Photography
Commended: Jamie Elliott, Media
Commended: Fatbardha Krasniqi, Commended

First prize: Lewis Inman, Photography
Highly Commended: Daniele Pintore, Photography
Commended: George Woodley, Media
Commended: Ben Prayal, Media

First prize: Annalisa Falcone, Photography
Highly Commended: Pedro Paz Lopez, Photography
Commended: Ineta Muzikeviciute, Media
Commended: Terry Clifford, Media

First prize: Nadine Attzs, Photography
Highly Commended: Joao Vasconcelos, Media
Commended: Leah Simpson, Media
Commended: Kischan Panchal, Photography