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Five learners walking next to each other, talking and smiling in front of the Rush Green Campus

Benefits of studying HE at College

There’s no need to trek off to university to study Higher Education – it’s possible to do it at college.

Lower tuition fees

Tuition fees at colleges tend to be substantially lower than those at universities.

Calculating tuition fees can get complicated, but contact our team at and they’ll help you understand the specific costs for your course and how it compares to studying elsewhere.

Other savings

You might be able to benefit from additional cost savings by staying local.

This often means you can reduce living expenses by staying with family or friends. Studying close to home should also mean your travel expenses are more affordable.


Particularly if you’re thinking of continuing your studies beyond Level 3 at the same college, there’s the benefit of a familiar environment.

Knowing the ropes, the layout, the learning facilities and even some of the teaching staff can get you off to a flying start!

Add in Barking & Dagenham College’s exciting London location and its fantastic teaching staff, and you’ll find there’s no need to travel out of your comfort zone to studying at higher levels!