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Gender Pay

Barking & Dagenham College’s pay approach supports the fair treatment, reward and recognition of all staff irrespective of gender.

BDC uses pay scales and grades recommended by the Association of Colleges. Pay scales vary according to the level of responsibility for a role. Job roles in the college are divided into job families and assigned a grade on the pay scale as appropriate. Each grade has a set pay range with spine points in between grades. Staff are expected to move through the pay range for their grade, based on performance via an annual appraisal process, probationary process or also through promotional development internally.

The College has a higher percentage of females at the lower and middle quartiles. These tend to be business support roles, a number of which are curriculum learning support and they are predominantly term time only positions - i.e. part-time positions. In addition, there are more women in part-time positions generally. The reverse in terms of males being in the upper middle is due to the fact there we have more males in technical roles – i.e.: in ICT, College Information Systems, and some vocational areas, and also within Curriculum Management.

The bonus gap at the time of publishing is due to the fact that the sales team, who at the time were the only employees who receive bonus payments, were all males. However, we have subsequently successfully recruited a number of females to this expanding team.

Eradicating the Gender Pay Gap

The College will ensure that gender equality is a central point in the creation of our College’s, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. We will review our recruitment processes, focus on how to attract women into the male-dominated roles within the College, and ensure that all interviewers have undergone unconscious bias training. In some cases where there is under-presentation of females in certain roles, we will run positive action recruitment and selection campaigns. An example of roles we will actively promote and carry positive action for women is at the Curriculum Management and Course Team Leader levels.

We will continuously ensure that women within Business Support roles have the opportunity and ability to progress their careers within the College through talent management and on-going personal development.

For and on behalf of Barking & Dagenham College