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Shuaib, Carpentry & Joinery

“After college, I want to go to university to study Architecture”

In secondary school, Shuaib’s favourite GCSE subject was Construction. He wanted to further his knowledge in construction and found Barking & Dagenham College to be the best for construction courses but wanted to learn the basics first, so enrolled on a carpentry & joinery course, to then work his way up.

Shuaib has learnt many skills during his course, but has found problem solving, teamwork and patience to be the skills he has developed the most. When it comes to the work, Shuaib is very grateful for the teachers and his LSA’s help and guidance when he finds himself struggling – he says there is always somewhere the to help him when he needs it.

Shuaib has had previous work experience in an appliance shop as a sales assistant, and the skills he learnt there have helped him succeed in this course.

Shuaib is now able to move onto the Level 2 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, which is a one-year course. He hopes to then progress onto a Level 3 T-Level course in Surveying, Planning and Management and after college, hopes to go to university to study Architecture.

Shuaib has had a great journey so far at Barking & Dagenham College and says, “don’t hesitate to come to BDC, it’s an amazing college”.

“Sometimes the course and work can be difficult, but I am always able to progress, so it’s been a great experience – my teachers and peers are polite and very helpful”.

Shuaib Irfan, Carpentry & Joinery

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