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Jamie, Construction T Levels

“Now that I have studied T Levels, there’s so many more pathways out there for me”

Jamie first studied Level 2 Construction and during that year, his tutor was scouting students to do the Level 3 T Levels. T Levels was a brand-new course and Jamie thought it was an interesting opportunity, so agreed to enrol. At time of enrolment, Jamie didn’t have any GCESs, but Barking & Dagenham College allowed him to study both his course and GCSEs at the same time, so it was a win-win for him.

In Jamie’s first year, he learnt all the specialities in construction, which he enjoyed learning throughout the year. The T Levels course is not trade specific, so Jamie is now able to really focus on his speciality in plumbing, which provides a broader view of the industry.

Jamie says, “T Levels has been very intense and in depth and as it was a new course, myself, my tutor and peers were all learning together – we’ve received incredible support throughout”.

Jamie always struggled with writing long pieces of work. He had an employer set project to write 2500 words in 6 hours. This was new to him, but the project allowed him to take on a new challenge. Jamie also had to learn how to build a presentation from scratch and was unsure on how confident he was to present it. But, since being on the course, all these skills have greatly improved, and his people skills have developed a lot from these projects and working with his peers.

Before Jamie started at BDC, he wanted to become a plumber – this was set in stone – but now that he’s studied T Levels, there are so many pathways out there for him. T Levels is equivalent to 3 A Levels, so that gives him the opportunity to go to university, which he is considering. Jamie says, “child me would never have thought university was an option, especially as I didn’t have any GCSE qualifications back then, but now, so many doors have opened for me”.

Jamie has had a pleasant experience at BDC – the staff and students have been great, and there’s incredible facilities at the Rush Green Campus. Jamie has had the opportunity to meet new people and socialise, inside and outside of the college.

Study at Barking & Dagenham College! Level 2 Construction provides great foundational knowledge. It prepares you for being onsite, gaining hands on experience and learning the ins and outs of all aspects – T Level Construction is the way to go!

Jamie McCarthy, Construction T Level

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