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BDC Drylining 9

Mitchell, Plastering & Dry lining

“Barking & Dagenham College is one of the few colleges that offers a Plastering & Dry lining course, as well as good facilities”

Mitchell has always enjoyed manual labour jobs. He has a lot of family members in the industry, so it has always interested him. Mitchell says plastering & dry lining is a great career path to get into – it isn't a highly sought out trade, with not many people in the industry. Mitchell hopes with courses like this, traders can get more value for work.

During his time on the course, Mitchell has enjoyed the hands-on experience that he is able to get outside of his current job. In his current role, working at the council as an Apprentice, he is able to focus on just the plastering aspect, like making moulds and this has provided him with the foundational knowledge needed on a wider scale.

Barking & Dagenham College has reinforced everything that Mitchell has learnt on the job. At BDC, he isn’t always in a work setting, so he’s able to learn more about the theory of plastering & dry lining, for example, health and safety and the basic understanding of legislation. He likes having the independence of learning real life situations on his own, of course with the support of his tutor, who he speaks very highly of.

Mitchell gets on very well with his peers and loves the facilities available to him at BDC, including the brand-new Smart Construction Centre, at the Rush Green Campus.

Once Mitchell is fully qualified, he would like to continue in his current role at the council and eventually, would like to have his own van and start his own business.

Barking & Dagenham College is a great choice! I have a little brother who is thinking about doing an Apprenticeship and I think it’s the best pathway - you can make a living whilst learning. I went to sixth form and got my A Levels, but I think my personal journey would have been a lot simpler if I went straight into an Apprenticeship. If you want to jump straight into a trade, this is the best way to do it!

Mitchell Eade, Plastering & Dry lining

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