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Hair and barbering

Agnes, Hair & Barbering

“Everyone I have met is very helpful, understanding and everyone treats each other as an equal”

Agnes has always loved doing hair. Growing up in Nigeria, since she was young, she has always been around women who love to do hair and she was taught by her sisters and her mother. Her favourite hairstyle that she’s learnt is braids. Agnes loves that hair is so versatile and loves that she can be responsible for changing someone’s image, making them feel good. From this, she knew hairdressing would be her career.

Agnes enjoys everything from teaching to the practical lessons. She has been able to learn all aspects in great detail, which keeps it interesting and allows her to understand more in depth. Agnes has been taught how to do many hairstyles, on all hair types. She says hair trends are always changing, so keeping up to date is very exciting.

During Agnes’ journey, Barking & Dagenham College has supported her greatly, especially with things like transport and uniform cost help, as well as tutor and peer to peer support during her studies.

In Level 2, Agnes learnt colouring, braiding, tweezing, perming and blow drying. Now that she is in Level 3, she is going to take everything she has learnt and apply it to the teachings this year. To stay ahead, Agnes went to many salons in the area asking if they needed any help and managed to find her own work experience, where she can apply what she has learnt in college, in a real-life work environment.

Once Agnes finishes her Level 3 course, she would like to go to university or open her own salon in London, for all hair types.

Agnes has had an incredible college experience so far and is very excited for the future.

People I have met that have said their thinking about going to college to learn as an adult, I have told them to come to BDC. Everyone I have met here is very helpful, understanding and everyone treats each other as an equal.

Agnes Ololode, Hair & Barbering

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