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AAT Accounting BDC

Olubode Rose, AAT Accounting

“I wanted a challenge and I’m really happy with my decision to start this course”

Olubode Rose recently moved to London and was looking to kick start her career. Her father recommended Barking & Dagenham College, so she decided to enrol to study AAT Accounting and is extremely happy with her decision.

Since starting her course at BDC, Olubode Rose says that her teachers have been what she likes most about the course, as well as what she is able to learn. She said her teachers always listen to whatever help she needs and whenever she is struggling to understand something, they’re always available to have a 1:1 and are always there to support. Olubode Rose says, “with accounting, you never know what’s next”. She loves math's and as there’s always something new to learn, she can delve deeper and is able to thoroughly enjoy the journey.

Olubode Rose’s confidence has climbed since starting her course. She used to keep herself to herself and was too shy to speak out but since starting at BDC, she’s opened up more and feels incredibly comfortable. Other skills that she has learnt include attention to detail and focus. She says, “I have a short attention span and in accounting, you always need to pay attention. If you make a mistake, you have to start from the beginning, so learning to be focused has pushed me to be the best”.

Extracurricular activities are another part of the experience that Olubode Rose loves. She plays badminton, cricket, pool, table tennis and basketball and since joining the clubs, has been able to meet many new people and cultures – she’s loved getting to know people outside of her course.

Olubode Rose hasn’t attended any work experience yet but when she progresses onto Level 2 and 3, she will have that opportunity to explore options, including Apprenticeships. Once she has completed her time at BDC, she would like to go to university or study Level 4. She has accountants in her family and would love to follow in their footsteps – her dream is to go into auditing.

I would highly recommend studying the accounting course. It’s a challenge but very interesting; it teaches you discipline, and that consistency is key - I love that about it!

Olubode Fadekemi Rose, AAT Accounting

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