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BDC Business 3

Luke, Business Studies

“Business was my favourite GCSE subject”

Luke’s brother and sister studied at Barking & Dagenham College and highly recommended it, so Luke felt like BDC was the right choice for him too. He has always had an interest in Business and really enjoyed the subject in school. Luke says he has an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and has always wanted to work for himself.

Business at college is very different to business in school. In school you learn a few fundamentals but in college, you learn how to start your own business, how to finance it and how to advertise through marketing. It’s highly in-depth and that’s what Luke loves the most about the course.

Luke has received a great amount of support from his tutors and classmates and loves that everyone is so helpful. Since starting the course, Luke has learnt many skills, especially time management. Luke used to struggle with being good with time and meeting deadlines but since he’s started college, he now knows how to manage his time better.

Luke recently attended work experience with a financial company. He worked alongside the Financial Advisor and learnt about stockbroking, property investments and other financial habits of business. Stockbroking and property investment is a passion for him, so it was a great experience on what the real working world is like.

After college, Luke would like to get into an Apprenticeship. He's been looking into computer hardware companies and once he’s completed education, would like to own his own computer engineering company.

100% join BDC! You get to meet so many new people, and there’s so many different choices and courses to choose from!

Luke Powell, Business Studies

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