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BDC Childcare 5

Mariam, Childcare

“I either want to be a nursery teacher or a schoolteacher”

Mariam has always wanted to work with children. She has a lot of younger cousins and loved being around and looking after them and from then, she knew working in childcare was the right path for her.

Mariam’s favourite part about the course is going on placements to nurseries. She recently went to a nursery in Dagenham for the day and it was a great hands-on experience. Being in a real-life environment allowed her to see what the future will be like after education and all the options available within childcare. She is really looking forward to being at different placements during her course.

Mariam gets a lot of support from her tutors and peers and does a lot of independent work and study sessions with her friends and classmates. She has gained a lot of confidence since starting at BDC. Mariam struggles a lot with social anxiety and finds it hard to speak up sometimes but is slowly learning to push through these barriers, within herself and work. Mariam’s confidence personally and academically has grown and she’s very happy with her progress so far.

Overall, Mariam’s experience has been great so far and once she’s finished her course, she’d like to be either a nursery teacher or schoolteacher.

Childcare is a lot of work, but if it’s what you want to do, then you should do it. Don’t worry if your confidence is low, no one will push you to go out of your comfort zone.

Mariam Quadri, Childcare

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