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Nadia, Art & Design

“I wanted to finish my education in Art & Design, so I came back as a mature student”.

Nadia had been looking for something different in her career and thought coming back to college would be a great opportunity. Nadia was previously an English teacher, she then took a 2-year break from work and wanted to do something she enjoyed.

Nadia wanted the freedom to develop her creativity and needed to find a new way of practicing. She wanted to become confident in her skill set and choosing Art & Design was a great way to develop her individuality.

Nadia received a lot of support from her tutors, but she was also very proactive with asking for help and getting the most out of her time at BDC. When she hadn’t quite adjusted to college from work, she spoke to career advisors who were able to reassure and guide her.

Since being on the course, Nadia has improved her drawing and photography editing skills, using specialised software. She’s also getting better at working with materials, an aspect she has been trying to really focus on.

Nadia hopes to develop her own practice in art in the future and to continue her writing. She took a short break from writing but is going to get back to producing and sharing her art and written pieces.

“I’ve been able to explore and grow creatively within the group. I really like how safe I’ve felt too, especially when we’ve worked in areas of vulnerability, sensitivity and sensory. BDC has a great sense of community and I realised for me personally, that was missing for me. I’m learning how to stay connected, socially”.

Nadia Mansoor, Art & Design

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