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Alex, BTEC Esports

“I think when people hear Esports, they think it’s just about playing games, but it’s so much more than that”.

Alex’s brother suggested the Esports course at Barking & Dagenham College, as his passion is video games and game design. Alex watches Esports tournaments at home, so he knew this course would be perfect for him - he instantly called BDC to enrol.

Alex says, “When people hear Esports, they think it’s just about playing games, but it’s so much for than that”. Alex came to BDC wanting to do professional play and coaching but now he’s leaving wanting to learn more about the technology side, for example, setting up equipment like cameras and lighting rigs. Alex likes the variety of the Esports course and says, “Learning the ins and outs of the course is so much better than just the gaming side; you’ll leave with more than you expected”.

Alex was one of the first cohort to complete the BTEC Esports Extended Diploma which was a new course that began two years ago and loves the new Esports Arena in BDC’s new East London Institute of Technology. As well as his studies, Alex has gained a lot of personal experience at home, by streaming himself playing video games. This has allowed him to take what he already knows and apply it to his learning.

Alex has secured an apprenticeship in the Esports department of the East London Institute of Technology, which will involve him helping with setting up equipment in the college’s state-of-the-art Esports arena. Once he has completed that, he is aiming to get a job in the booming industry.

“Being at BDC, learning on the course and being surrounded by my teachers has helped me a lot with my mental health and confidence. I came into this course with barely any confidence, and I’m leaving feeling much more confident in myself and abilities. I’ve been able to take the time to work on myself more and that’s all because I’ve had the support from the college. I’m leaving here knowing what I want to do as a career, and it’s doing something I enjoy”.

Alex Reece, BTEC Esports

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