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Deborah, MBA

“The world is after those who can see the vision and take action”.

Deborah’s journey to starting the MBA course was inspired by a friend over 7 years ago! Deborah finally took the plunge when she realised Barking & Dagenham College is an annex of Wrexham University.

Deborah always wanted to achieve more in her career and what has inspired her as a mature student and leader in her field, is the support from the tutors. Deborah received an ample of awareness of the options available to her and she was supported greatly according to her needs.

The course has helped develop Deborah’s leadership skills and risk analysis skills, especially in business strategies and risks. Deborah is a business owner in Accounting & Business Development and her next step is to use the skills acquired to develop people and enterprise, especially charities and NGOs. She is also considering a possibility in Education, Leadership and Strategies.

Deborah has found her MBA journey smooth, enjoyable and rewarding. Her class was fun and full of knowledge, and they all worked well as a team and individually.

“I would say that if you are still young, please do not procrastinate, call Barking & Dagenham College to enrol. To mature students like me, please get your back off the wall! With the support you get on this course and the teachings, you have nothing to fear. The world is after those who can see the vision and take action! An MBA will put you back in the driving seat of great career opportunities and a better lifestyle”.

Deborah Williams, MBA

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