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Sophia, Painting & Decorating

Sophia has gained many skills in her Painting & Decorating course and would love to be a Health & Safety Executive.

Painting & Decorating is a very practical skill, which Sophia loves. Sophia says, “It’s very active and there’s always something new to learn. For me, it’s a new skill that I didn’t know much about before, so it was an interesting subject for me to find out more about. I was never in a school environment, I was home-schooled, so it was all a new experience. At first, I found it quite difficult because I was so new to it all but as time went on, everything got easier, and I had great classmates and teachers around me”.

Last year, Sophia passed her English & Maths GCSE and received great support from her teachers. The tutors always helped when she needed it – they were kind, patient, and Sophia believes this level of support was what helped her to pass.

Sophia completed work experience this year, on a construction project in college with the T&B contractors. This was a great experience for her, as she had never worked in this type of construction site environment before. Sophia was able to meet different people and work within a company.

Sophia has been able to better her painting and decorating skills, and has learnt how to wallpaper, which was new to her. She has also gained a lot of confidence. She says, “I feel comfortable communicating with new people, overcoming personal fears and believing in my abilities on the construction site”.

“I would definitely recommend the Painting & Decorating course. The teachers are amazing; if you show respect, you receive respect. Just try as hard as you can, and you’ll have a great experience. Barking & Dagenham is a very nice college. All the teachers are nice and supportive. There are great facilities and it’s in a nice area too”.

Sophia Fedyk, Painting & Decorating

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