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BDC Photography 2

Maisie, Photography

“I received a camera a couple of years ago and fell in love with taking pictures”

Maisie recently found her passion for photography when she was gifted a camera and automatically knew photography would be in her future. She chose Barking & Dagenham College as she found the facilities better than other colleges and knew she’d be able to thrive here.

As well as the course and projects, Maisie likes that she’s been able to meet new people and experience other people’s photography projects. She felt that she wasn’t that good at photography before starting at BDC but has improved a lot since and is happy with the progress she’s made.

Maisie is dyslexic and has received a lot of extra support - she's found the support to be highly beneficial. She is also studying maths alongside her photography course and is really enjoying the journey.

One key skill that Maisie has learnt to master is problem solving. Ocassionally, there are times equipment will fail but she has learnt how to fix them on her own and is very proud of this. She has also learnt many camera skills and techniques and would love to attend work experience in the future to put what she’s learnt so far into practice, but for now, she is gaining a wide range of experience in her own personal projects.

Maisie is thoroughly enjoying her time here at BDC and is looking forward to what her future holds, wherever that may lead her.

I would tell anyone wanting to study here at BDC to go for it! It’s a great opportunity and you learn a lot.

Maisie Moore, Photography

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