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Kevin, Counselling

Kevin Halverson Fry is a counselling student and has been studying at the college for four years now. He chose to study counselling because he is passionate about the subject and wants a career in a rewarding industry.

When he visited BDC to inquire about the course, he was interviewed by tutors Jackie and Christine, who were very supportive and understanding, which helped him make his decision to enroll on the course.

“I knew I wanted to have a career in counselling, but I wasn't too aware of exactly what was involved. I first spoke with Jackie and Christine. They didn’t laugh at any of my silly questions and were really understanding about what I wanted to do. I felt very relaxed with them from the start and that helped seal it for me. As cheesy as it sounds, I know how helpful counselling can be and I want a career in a rewarding industry and really give back.”

Kevin is close to completing his qualification and has been gaining valuable experience by working with clients at an agency one day a week. He enjoys the subject matter and his classmates, who are resourceful and have created a great learning environment. He is also interested in teaching and has been shadowing Jackie for Level Two students to gain experience in that area.

The college has been very supportive of Kevin's academic journey, providing financial assistance to help cover fees as well as offering mentoring and advice every step of the way. He has also gained valuable work experience through a placement, which the college helped him secure.

Kevin's overall career ambition is to become a fully qualified counsellor and also teach counselling one day.

I've had a very positive experience over my 4 years studying at the college. I was really grateful for the support and resources that were provided by the college during covid. It allowed me to continue my studies and stay connected with my tutors and classmates during a challenging time. Once my son finishes his GCSEs, he wants to study photography. I want him to study a course here after the amazing experience I've had!

Kevin Halverson Fry

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