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Carla, Hospitality

“When I came to BDC to start my third year, I felt really welcomed from my tutors and peers”

Carla has always had a passion for food, so studying a Hospitality course was a no brainer. Carla moved to Barking & Dagenham College to start her final year of studies and has settled in greatly.

Ever since Carla was young, she has always been around food and even now, her son tells her that her favourite place to be is in the kitchen. Being able to share her food and culinary creations is a dream for her and once she’s finished with education, Carla wants to open a local restaurant. Carla wants to offer foods from all cultures in her restaurant – her favourite cuisines to cook are Portuguese, Spanish, French, Indian and Jamaican foods. Since starting at BDC, Carla has been able to learn a lot about different cultural foods and wants to apply this in her business.

Carla says she’s had nothing but support and positivity from her tutors and peers. She used to be a very shy person but since enrolling onto her Hospitality course, she’s been able to grow in confidence and open up, which has allowed her to develop many life skills, as well as cooking to perfect her craft.

Carla has thoroughly enjoyed her time so far at BDC and has even tried to get several of her friends from her previous college to attend, due to the fantastic learning facilities and environment.

“I didn’t feel confident in myself when I changed colleges, but from day 1, I’ve felt welcome and part of the team. The chef is always on hand when I need him, and all the positivity has allowed me to fit right in”.

Carla Almeida, Hospitality

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