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Leonard, ESOL

“I needed to improve my English and I heard Barking & Dagenham College was great for ESOL courses”

Leonard needed to improve his English and heard Barking & Dagenham College was great for ESOL courses. ESOL courses are studied at the Technical Skills Academy (TSA) campus and Leonard says the staff and students at the TSA are very respectful and he feels safe, as it’s one of the quieter campuses.

During his time on the course, Leonard has learnt a lot about himself and abilities and he’s most proud of the way he can now communicate with others; understanding what others have to say and being respectful in response. He’s also learnt that if he wants to succeed and build a career, he needs to work hard and focus, which he has been doing greatly.

Leonard has received incredible support during his time on the ESOL course, which has allowed him to work hard and better his English-speaking skills. He now knows what he wants to do in the future as a career.

Leonard explained that a career advisor came into his class, providing information on everything he needs to know about career progression and life skills. He said the session was helpful, as it allowed him to understand where his qualifications could take him.

Last year, Leonard undertook work experience in construction, and by gaining this experience, he now knows that construction and being an electrician is his career goal. Once he has completed his ESOL course, he will move onto a course in construction, which will then lead him into electrical installation.

Overall, Leonard would recommend attending Barking & Dagenham College, as he says the tutors, students and facilities are great and he’s learnt a lot in his ESOL course.

“The TSA is a smaller campus, so I think that’s allowed me to get comfortable quickly with tutors and other students. I’ve found it very easy to make friends; everyone is highly respectful”

Leonard Lami, ESOL

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