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Students from The Technical Skills Academy raised 450 for victims of the Albanian earthquake by collecting at Barking Town Hall

Support for earthquake victims

9th December 2019

Students from The Technical Skills Academy have raised £450 for victims of the earthquake which happened in Albania 26 November.

The earthquake lasted 30 seconds and 51 people were killed with about 2,000 injured.

Around 30% of the College’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students are Albanian. Some of the students asked teachers if they could do some fundraising. So, they headed to Barking Town Hall to collect for the appeal selling cakes, sweets and raffle tickets to help to raise money for those affected by the earthquake.

17 year old Redi Agaci (pictured on the left) who comes from Albania and now lives in Hornchurch explained: "I am very proud to help my country. I feel happy that people from other countries are helping too, including my fellow students who helped with the fundraising who are from other countries including Afghanistan and Romania.”

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