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Screenshot of viktorija ardamatskaja s animation light

Student?s animation to be shown at international festival

26th January 2017

A student, who studied for a BA degree in Animation at Barking & Dagenham College, will have her work displayed at an international animation festival in Brazil next in March.

'LIGHT' by Viktorija Ardamatskaja is a 2D animated short based on an epic battle between 'light' and 'darkness'. These two elements clash together, which leads to a very intense and dramatic chase scene. She made the film last year and has been submitting it to selected festivals.

22-year-old Viktorija who lives in Barking says: “My short animation LIGHT got accepted to the Festival Anim!arte in the student film category. It will be shown in March and April in São Luis, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro."

“I am so excited and so proud to know that many viewers will get to share the experience of seeing my characters and going on the adventure with them!”

Viktorija has always been interested in animation. When she was a child she used to watch lots of animation and created her own characters. When she saw that Barking & Dagenham College offered an animation course she knew that was what she wanted to do. Now as an intern at an animation studio in central London, she has her sights set on becoming a character animator. With her achievements so far, she’s well on her way to doing just that.

A 20-second excerpt of the film can be viewed on YouTube


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