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Amaya standing next to the bus dressed as an extra

Student gets work experience on film set

23rd February 2016

A hair and beauty student got to work with a top celebrity make-up artist on the set of a new short film (and even got to take part as an extra). <br><br>Amaya, from Bermondsey, had been taken to the World Skills event, held last November in Birmingham, by Barking & Dagenham College where she studies; she and other students were on the College?s stand, showcasing 1940s vintage hairdressing to the show?s visitors.

'The First’, is a short film following a young woman's first day as a bus conductor during WW1. Celebrity hair and make-up artist Alyn Waterman, whose famous clients include Joan Collins, met 17 year old Amaya Brito at a skills exhibition and invited her to help out on the set.

A teacher recognised Alyn Waterman and asked him if she could take his photo and explained to the students who he was. Keen not to miss an opportunity to better herself, Amaya went over asked him a few questions about the industry. She says

“I asked how I could get into doing make-up for TV and film and then he offered me work experience on a film set in Surrey!”

So, Amaya went along to the set of the WW1 Film ‘The First’ and did the hair of five male and three female actors after being shown what to do by Alyn. She also got the opportunity to watch the professionals do their make-up.

Amaya continues:

“Once the cast had their hair and make-up done, the director asked me to be an extra! I had to sit on the bus, then take a ticket and walk off.”

The film is due to be released in April. Amaya worked a long shift - over 9 hours, but it was worth the effort for the fantastic experience. What’s more, Alyn said she’d done a really good job and will let her know if any other work experience opportunities come up.

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