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Media makeup magic Liveta Karaliuniene vampire

Striking media makeup created by final year students

4th July 2019

Graduating media makeup students created show stopping final pieces this summer.

The Barking & Dagenham College students, all aged 18-20, put the techniques they learned over their two year media makeup course into practise to create amazing creatures and creations.

Dayna Bartman created a fabulously realistic werewolf; she made a prosthetics nose and a hand knotted postiche goatee to create a werewolf creature. She used alcohol activated paints to colour the skin to create a fleshy effect.

Dayna looked at An American Werewolf in London and The Vampire Diaries for inspiration; she also looked at actual dogs, examining their textures and fur. She said: “I’m planning on doing an art course next year to help me gain entrance to university and I’m going to continue to study prosthetics and hopefully go into the film industry.

Hubert Wozniakowski produced a striking silver body art creation; he made a bald cap from scratch and used face and body paint, stencils and a handmade necklace that he made from scratch to create his ‘out of this world’ creature. Hubert plans to further his studies at university.

18 year old Chloe Betts also produced a silver body art creation and hopes to stay on at the college to further her studies, so that she can get into film and theatre.

Hannah Joseph who plans to go into the theatre or film industry, opted for a black and white body art piece; she made a bald cap from scratch and used face and body paint as well as airbrushing techniques to create the ‘out of this world’ creature.

Liveta Karaliuniene created a vampire, which involved making a forehead prosthetic piece as well as a hand knotted moustache and goatee to create her vampire creature.

Their proud teacher Sally Jarrott Ibrahim, said: “This work is all so outstanding! I am so proud of them all as the work produced is far beyond level 3 standards. Each and every one of them will have an amazing makeup career if they stay as determined as they have been during their course at Barking & Dagenham College.”

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