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Rapple fizz creators george fodor aged 18 ariel kasalako aged 19 jamie smith aged 19 and tre davis aged 18 from the technical skills academy

?Souper? students see their drinks and soup on sale

26th September 2017

This weekend catering students from the Technical Skills Academy in Barking saw their fizzy drink creation being sold at the launch of Company Drinks? new home in Barking Park.

One of these drinks, as part of the Molecular Fizz workshop series supported by the Wellcome Trust was Rapple Fizz: A fizzy soda combining the flavours of apples from Kent and rose hip from Barking and created by a team of students from the Technical Skills Academy.

The students took part in a series of drinks labs where they tasted their taste buds, picked ingredients, mixed flavour combinations and even came up with a name and brand for their final drink selection. This weekend their drink went on sale alongside the other Company Drinks ranges and will be available to buy at local events and stalls.

Cam Jarvis of Company Drinks said: “It was great to give the students the opportunity to see the product they helped make being sold and enjoyed locally!”

The students also kept themselves busy at the event by serving up freshly made autumn vegetable soup, which was made by fellow students at the Technical Skills Academy who are studying catering and English for Speakers of Other Languages courses.

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