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Music students learn how to make it on their own

19th January 2016

Music students from Barking & Dagenham College took part in a Young Arts Academy ?Finance 101? workshop run by the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning department on Saturday 16 January 2016 at the Broadway Theatre, Barking.

Finance for the freelancer

The idea was to teach them that finance doesn’t have to be scary and that they can make a living on their own as a freelancer or business owner.

The interactive workshop helped them to build their confidence by learning how to tackle the most common financial issues that they will face as a young creative.

Turning a profit

Tim & Barry, urban music video makers, photographers and the brains behind Don’t Watch That TV, and freelance business consultant, Remi Harris, guided them through the creative hustle. Through stories and practical tasks they covered everything from budgeting their business, costing their work in a competitive market, keeping good financial records, to ways they could ensure that they always turned a profit. They also gave the students advice on how to work around difficult situations, such as getting an unreliable client to pay an invoice.

Study in a working theatre

The Broadway Theatre is home to Barking & Dagenham College's Performing Arts faculty, giving students a wonderful opportunity to develop their craft in a real working professional theatre.

Part of the Barbican and Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s creative learning programme, Young Arts Academy is a network of young artists aged between 14-25.

It aims to cultivate creative talent by opening doors to the creative and cultural industries with free training, seminars and workshops to develop skills and provide industry insight in an exciting and innovative way.

For more information on Young Arts Academy follow this link.

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