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Media make up level 2 students Gabriele Ivoskeviciute 18 from Dagenham

Media Make-Up Students Impress Judge

23rd March 2020

Media make-up students take part in competition judged by the editor of a top make-up magazine

Emma Rutherford, Editorial Director of Warpaint Magazine spent the day at Barking & Dagenham College watching students compete and ultimately judging their work at the end of the day.

The winner of the level 2 competition was Lucy Kenwood. The 17 year old from Dagenham wants to go on to study further at the College next year and then do media make-up as a career.

She created a ‘sugar skull’ from The Day of the Dead on herself and explained that in her opinion: “Doing it on yourself is, in fact, easier than doing it on model because you are more familiar with own face and you know what looks good on you.”

Media make-up level 2 students Gabriele Ivoskeviciute, 18, from Dagenham and Ellie Ashford, 17 from Barking were highly commended for Day of the Dead skull design they did on model Ellie Brown, 16, from Barking.

From the level 3 competitors Emma Rutherford chose Chantelle Greenfield’s work as the winner. The 17 year old from Dagenham created a fabulous zombie on fellow student Chloe Croom using breakfast cereals amongst other things to create the look. Emma commented: “I really liked the placement of what Chantelle applied and the way she coloured it.”

In the same category, Jade Carpenter, 17, from West London was highly commended. Jade also made a Zombie on fellow student Abigail Hancox and the judge remarked that “I was impressed with the cut on the forehead, which was a difficult thing to do.”

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