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Learning how they learn down under adnan mahmood and his students talking to australian teacher christian williams and his students

Learning how they learn down under

3rd May 2017

Two of the World?s top teachers, from different sides of the globe, have been connecting their classrooms.

Adnan Mahmood, a business and enterprise tutor from Barking & Dagenham College, was named as one of 50 top teachers in the world in December by the Varkey Foundation.

Following his top 50 shortlists for the Global Teacher Prize 2017, Adnan, along with all previous top 50 teachers, were invited to Dubai for the Global Education and Skills Forum. There, Adnan met Australian teacher Christian Williams, who was a top 50 finalist in 2016.

They decided to show their respective students how they collaborate and learn from others, regardless of distance. So, they connected via webcams and the Australian schoolchildren from St Michael’s Parish School in Ashburton, a suburb of Melbourne, asked questions about what sorts of things the students learn about and how they are taught.

Barking & Dagenham College student Babasola Samuel Adedeji, 19, from Hainault said:

“The session allowed me and my class to pose questions to a classroom in Australia. This has been a huge inspirational moment for me because it has broadened my horizons and allowed me to gain some insight into an Australian school. I am looking forward to our next session to see how the class in Australia took on board the information we provided on our fundraising activities. Hopefully, they were inspired to carry out similar activities for the social issues they feel deeply about.”

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