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Idris Elba praises the college that inspired him

7th December 2017

The superstar studied performing arts at the college in the 1990s. Last week, he was honoured at the MOBO Awards for achievements in the arts and contribution to British culture with the Paving The Way award.

The award sees recipients pay tribute to the area and place that inspired them in their chosen career paths. They are given a commemorative paving stone which will be laid at a place of their choosing – Idris chose Barking & Dagenham College!

During the ITV Evening News interview on 6th December, he told the reporter Ruth Zorko:

“I’m putting [the stone] outside my college because education is the key to almost everything in life…without my education I wouldn’t be here today.

“So, I wanted to put that stone there to lead people to thinking ‘You know what? I might go to college and learn a new skill and move forward.’ So that’s why I am putting it there.”

This is the link to the interview:

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