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Liana mathurin brown centre with some female sport students at barking dagenham college

College to employ a Women?s Football Apprentice

21st June 2018

The Women?s Football Apprentice?s role will be to increase the number of female participants and leaders in women?s football.

The (FA) are investing in a new team of FA Women’s Football Apprentices, to be employed by colleges across the country, working through AoC Sport.

Each apprentice will be tasked with engaging 100 new female participants and 10 new female leaders, with tailored inclusion and diversity targets.

These apprentices will form part of a wider women’s football workforce in education and will enrol on a high-quality learning and development programme delivered by sector experts.

Liana Mathurin-Brown, Sports & Facilities Manager at Barking & Dagenham College “We are very excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to being a part of this project to engage more females in football.

“We are very passionate about providing more opportunities for females to get active and this will compliment and contribute to the work we have already started here at the college”.

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