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College student wins national Esports championship

College student wins National Esports Championship

8th July 2022

Esports student, David, wins the British Esports Student FIFA Championships.

National Esports Championship Winner David Croxford
National Esports Championship Winner David Croxford

David Croxford studies Esports at Barking & Dagenham College and gaming has been a passion of his for many years. David has been competing in Esports competitions since he was 12, and has since gone on to compete at National Esports Championships. David travelled to Nottingham to compete in the National Esports Championship, which was live streamed on the British Esports online channel.

David was competing against other students from across the UK and went through several rounds, needing to finish in the top four in his group, to go onto the next stage. He finished second and went on to play in the knockouts, winning him a place in the final.

To win the championship, David had to play three games and win two. Each nail-biting game took around 15 minutes, depending on the need for extra time. Although he lost the first game 3-2, David was quick to come back on top, winning the second game by an incredible 6-0 and the third 3-1, ensuring David was crowned the winner!

David said: “I feel great! Once I won the second game, I knew I could win, and just concentrated on that. It was great to be able to take part and I’m very proud to have won the Championship.”

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