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College lecturer seeks new talent to help in book launch

5th February 2015

A Barking & Dagenham College lecturer is set to release his new book and is on the hunt for talented writers and artists to help in its launch

Emeka Egbuonu, 28, from Romford, will publish his second book, entitled ‘Ambitions of the deprived’ this summer. The book tells the story of four friends from broken homes on a journey to success and the barriers they face getting there. This includes trying to stay away from a local gang that threatens to see one man face jail for witnessing a murder (known as joint enterprise) and his friends fight to get justice for him.

The book was inspired by Emeka’s campaigning to see the joint enterprise laws abolished so that people cannot be found guilty by association, but he has always had a passion for working and writing with young people. He founded the Consequence seminars in 2009, which are aimed at children aged 13-19 providing them with the confidence and skills they need to make positive choices in their life. The seminars proved so successful that he toured the world and has since hosted a radio show and directed two documentary films before joining Barking & Dagenham College as a lecturer in maths and personal social development.

To celebrate the forthcoming launch, Emeka is looking for creative young writers and artists to enter a competition. Young artists are invited to submit artwork depicting the books title, while young writers are being asked to post blogs about their thoughts and experiences based around the books theme of ambitions and failures. Every blog will be read and each picture seen by a team of judges and winners chosen by the panel will have their work featured in an exhibition at the official book launch. They will also be featured on Emeka’s website and receive a free copy of the book.

Emeka’s previous book, ‘Consequences: Breaking the negative cycle’ was hailed as fantastic by reviewers and his new book is sure to be given the same praise.

Emeka said:

“I want to use my writing to inspire millions of young people to make the right choices in life. The book is about breaking the barriers of self-doubt and fostering natural ambition regardless of a person’s background. When I was thinking of ways to launch the book I realised that setting up a competition would be another way for me to help young talent get out there, so I was keen to get it started. I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries.”

For more information about the competition, which runs until 31st March and ‘Ambitions of the deprived’ please visit

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