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Aussie fire girls

Barking and Dagenham College students raise money to help animals impacted by Australian bushfires

7th February 2020

Students in the borough are fundraising to help animals injured or displaced by the bushfires in Australia.

Barking and Dagenham College childcare students have been deeply moved by the impact of the catastrophic fires, so set up a fundraising event for an Australian wildlife rescue charity.

Countless animals have become sick, injured, orphaned or homeless, and lost their natural habitat and source of food, as a result of the bushfires.

The students ran a stall selling cakes and crafts at their college open day as part of their fundraising.

They've also been selling raffle tickets at the college for the past week and will continue to do so over the next fortnight.

One of the students, Gemma Cockrill, said: "Everyone was very supportive of our cause and we sold lots of cakes.

"So far we have raised more than £60 and hope to raise more over the next two weeks."

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