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Art students design hoarding for new estate

Art students design hoarding for new estate

23rd October 2017

Art students studying at Barking & Dagenham College in Rush Green, were invited to the Gascoigne estate construction project to decorate the site hoarding as part of their work experience.

Using recycled paint, purchased from a charitable foundation, the students quickly set to work marking out their design.

During the course of their painting, many residents came past and commented on how much they liked the art piece, which included a neighbour’s pet cat, Bouygues cranes, colourful bubbles and the new buildings in the foreground.

16 year old Sheldon Aglae from Stratford, Jaymie Buck, 19, from Canning Town and 19 year old Rochelle Henry Redway of Manor Park, East Ham were the student artists who created the artwork. Rochelle enthused: “It was a really fun and interesting Project to work on, with good and friendly people. It was creative and it will benefit the community.”

Deputy Leader and Gascoigne Ward Councillor Dominic Twomey came to visit the students as they neared completion of their community art piece. He complimented them on their artistic skills and creative design techniques.

The art work will be on display until early next year, 2018 in St Ann’s, Barking.

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