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A few of the 300 staff who achieved their health and well being qualification at Barking Dagenham College 2

300 staff gain wellbeing qualification

22nd January 2024

Over 300 member of staff achieved a health and well-being qualification in 2023.

A few of the 300 staff who achieved their health and well being qualification at Barking Dagenham College 2

In recognition of this feat, the College has been awarded an Association of Colleges Beacon Award Commendation for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The initiative was part of the College's Wellbeing Programme, which saw 312 members of staff enrolled on the course.

Acknowledging the intrinsic link between one's wellbeing and workplace efficiency, the College launched an expansive plan.

The programme was designed to provide employees with essential tools, tips, and information to help them focus on their own health and personal development.

The first step was to teach everyone the theoretical basics of wellbeing by putting them on the training course, however, this foundation was merely the beginning. To manifest this knowledge into tangible actions, the College dedicated five special days, brimming with diverse workshops and activities.

A wide variety of sessions including such things as yoga and meditation sessions catered to myriad aspects of wellbeing. Crucial topics like dementia, diabetes awareness, and mental health were spotlighted in seminars, ensuring a broad and inclusive perspective.

Staff told the organisers that they enjoyed the opportunity to come to together with colleagues and that it felt great knowing that their employer really cares about them. For example, Bella Parenti, Head of 3D Design Disciplines at Barking & Dagenham College who completed the qualification herself said: “A pivotal element was the opportunity for staff to voice their personal journeys, fostering an environment of empathy and solidarity.”

Andrew Duffy, one of the organisers of the programme adds: “The outcome has been a profound transformation in the organisational culture, marked by openness, mutual understanding, and a distinct community spirit.”

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