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Male And Female students looking at car engine wearing protective overalls and eyewear

How apprenticeships work

Your apprenticeship will be carefully structured to ensure it is as valuable as possible for you.

It will be made up of four key elements: NVQs, functional skills, employment rights and responsibilities and personal learning and thinking skills.

NVQ: The NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification and training is completed on the job – meaning you’re able to put the skills you learn to the test.

Functional skills: These are essential to working in any job. You’ll develop your English and Maths skills so that you can communicate effectively and use numbers effectively in the workplace.

Employment Rights & Responsibilities: Every apprentice must be able to demonstrate they understand areas such as employer and employee statutory rights, health and safety regulations and equality and diversity procedures.

It’s important to be aware of the rights and responsibilities you have in the workplace. You’ll learn what is and is not acceptable behaviour, and what to do if your rights as an employee are breached.

Personal Learning & Thinking Skills: You’ll develop your creative thinking, reflective learning, team working, organisation and much more.

Apprenticeships at Barking & Dagenham College

What we do...

We help you to find a suitable apprenticeship.

We link you with employers across east London and Essex.

What you get...

You’ll get on the job training, gain transferable skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

You’ll earn a salary, paid directly into your bank account.