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Matin, BTEC Sports

“I know my long-term career and academic goals, so I was mentally prepared for the course”

Matin chose Barking & Dagenham College for his studies, as the college fit in perfectly with his career aims, and because Sports is his passion. He has been committed to succeeding and improving his knowledge in the subject and has done just that.

As Matin has always known Sports would be his career choice, he was mentally prepared for the course. Due to his strong career motivation, his aim was to stand out and produce work which exceeded expectations and he is proud that he’s managed to do so.

Matin has gained many skills during his time and says, “one of those skills was being responsible for everything. This means I was always on time for class, completed assignments before deadlines and much more. In addition, I’ve boosted my independent working skills. Therefore, along with teamwork and collaboration, I loved working alone. My big pluses are that I know where to find information and I can easily deal with problems. Working with tight schedules throughout my experiences, I have also developed my ability to cope with pressure and work under it. All the skills I have gained will help me in my university life as well”.

Whilst learning all these skills, Matin had the opportunity to deliver a customised personal training programme for a client and coaching sessions for his class. Matin enjoyed gaining this practical experience, which will prepare him for the future.

After completing his course, Matin would like to continue his studies and start an undergraduate degree, and then go on to study an MSc and PhD. His overall career goal is to get into sports and exercise science, particularly as a strength and conditioning coach.

BDC has provided Matin with a huge amount of support throughout his course, which he says helped him get to where he is today. He received support in careers, finance, learning and mentoring and is very grateful to all members of staff.

Matin says his time at BDC has been ‘one of the most remarkable and loveable times of my life”. He’s thoroughly enjoyed his experience – meeting new people, making fantastic friends and gaining a qualification.

“If you’re thinking about studying at BDC, you are making the right decision. Barking & Dagenham College has a great learning environment, with highly educated tutors. All the facilities you will need are there, as well as the support from staff and peers. Study hard, make some good friends and enjoy your college life!”

Matin Salahov, BTEC Sports

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