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Maths teacher Tolu Bolaji teaches an adult evening class both in person and online

Teachers going the extra mile

13th October 2020

Senior managers at Barking & Dagenham College have praised their staff for ‘going the extra mile’ to help their students learn.

One such teacher is Tolu Bolaji who teaches maths to adults. Since the College reopened last month, Tolu has been simultaneously teaching in person and online, allowing all students, no matter what their circumstances, to access their learning.

Wearing a mask and gloves and socially distanced from the students, she teaches the evening class whilst live streaming via Google classroom on her laptop.

Andreas Galatoulas, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at the College spotted Tolu on his evening walk around the College with the principal. He enthused: “I came across this exceptional maths teacher who was interacting brilliantly with all the students, both in and outside of the class, simultaneously. It was really captivating. A massive thank you to our fantastic teacher!”

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