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Building up his art portfolio Emmanuel with mural resized

Emmanuel, Art and Design

Former Art & Design student, Emmanuel Oreyeni has seen his art appear across a new building site.

Emmanuel, who studied at Barking & Dagenham College was invited by Barking Riverside Ltd to produce some bespoke artwork for The Wilds at Barking Riverside.

Delighted to be asked, Emmanuel set about developing designs for the project and as a result produced a series of pieces, based on the theme of nature. The designs were a hit and are now proudly displayed on the hoardings of The Wilds at Northgate Road.

Speaking about his creations, Emmanuel says: “I decided to base my work around nature. Throughout my designs, you will see mother nature’s footprint.”

He used black and white and then added touches of primary and secondary colours, giving the images a very bold look which works really well repeated on the large hoardings.

Emmanuel is certainly building an impressive work portfolio for himself. Earlier this year he was also worked with another local company called Be First. The company had been running a design competition with a local school and needed an artist to bring the winning designs to life at their latest building site. He was glad to help and loved seeing how the finished designs looked. This latest project for Barking Riverside Ltd is yet another accomplishment Emmanuel can add to his list.

Having been passionate about art since a young age, Emmanuel is deservedly proud of what he has achieved. He says: “When I tell people about the work I’ve done and then they ask me my age they’re always really surprised with what I’ve already managed to do. I’ve always believed you have to try and make opportunities for yourself, things don’t always just come to you, you have to work for them, and this is what I am doing.”

For mural enquiries please email or visit Emmanuel’s website. Emmanuel is also on Instagram (@oreyeni_arts), Twitter (@ArtsOreyeni) and even has his own YouTube channel.

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