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Zlatin, Production Arts

“I didn’t think I could improve my musicality skills on a production arts course, but I have”.

Zlatin chose this course a few years ago and made his way up. He has 7.5 years’ musical instrument experience and has always been into music and performing. The Production Arts course has helped him to develop his skills further in acting, music and dancing.

Zlatin says, “this course boosts my energy to be creative. It also helps me in my personal life, in terms of confidence. Production Arts has allowed me to develop my communication and listening skills; these are one of the first aspects we develop”.

The Production Arts students did some work experience at BDC’s Broadway Theatre, working on productions backstage; using lights and learning how to set up a stage. In December, Zlatin and his peers started working on a production called Fairy Tales. Zlatin played the beast in Beauty and the Beast and he and his peer wrote majority of the script. The production was a great success.

In the future, Zlatin wants to progress into music. He is in a band, which he formed with his friends here at BDC, so he’d love to continue this. Zlatin loves performing on stage and playing in live shows and would like to gain either an acting or dance opportunity. He has more experience in production arts and music and joined this course to progress in dancing and acting. Zlatin wants to get a full feel of all aspects and decide what’s best for him. He says, “a lot of things are achievable, when you have all the skills”.

“My experience at BDC has been great. I’ve met some great teachers and peers. They’ve all taught me different things; speaking, listening, communication skills. I’ve said this many times but communication and listening skills can improve so much over time. I’ve learnt so many aspects of production arts that I wouldn’t even think about, for example backstage, lighting, sound and health and safety. This has been very helpful for me as a performer and wherever I go, I know that I’m prepared”.

Zlatin Miler, Production Arts

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