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Two males in front of computer screens and next to technology equipment in discussion. Male one, in a grey top is sitting down with his hands up and male two, in a blue top is standing and listening

Technical training

The Institute of Technology offers technical skills development via advanced higher-level courses and higher Apprenticeships.

Study programmes don’t follow the academic route of A Levels and traditional degrees. They’re vocational and take a more practical, hands-on approach to learning. Higher Apprenticeships are also offered so you can earn while you learn.

Work experience

Experience in the workplace is a vital element of your training. It applies to all Institute of Technology programmes with the exception of professional short courses.

Work experience requires you to spend between 35 and 100 hours in the workplace, depending on the course you take. Industry placements involve a minimum of 45 days per year with an employer.

We’ll assist you to find relevant work experience if you need help.

Advanced and higher Apprenticeships

Advanced and higher Apprenticeships offer an excellent alternative to studying a degree-level course at university. They provide the opportunity to earn while you learn, and they’re suitable for people of all ages.

These Apprenticeships are also relevant for professionals who've been in employment for some time but wish to advance their career whilst continuing to earn.

Our Apprenticeships at Levels 3 & 4 offer unrivalled industry insight. They also provide excellent ways in which to build or grow a network of contacts for future employment opportunities.

Transferable skills

Skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and adaptability are valued by employers across industries. They enable people to collaborate and add value within the workplace.

The development of transferable skills is embedded into our vocational courses and advanced and higher Apprenticeships.

English, Maths & IT

It’s a core requirement to continue developing your skills in English, Maths & IT alongside vocational studies. The level you study English and Maths at depends on the qualifications you have when you join your course.