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Two females working on an electrical equipment. Female one wearing a stripy top holds a screwdriver and female two in a grey top, works beside her

Bridging the skills gap

There’s currently a shortage of skilled technical workers for jobs within the engineering, technology and science industries.

These sectors – and more broadly the STEM subjects – are the foundation of the majority of industry worldwide. Yet in the UK companies are struggling to fill vacancies and to find the employees they need to drive their businesses forward.

How Institutes of Technology will help

Institutes of Technology have been developed to bridge the skills gap and train the workforce of the future in engineering, technology and science-related subjects.

They focus on delivering advanced and higher-level technical training – providing the skills, knowledge and experience that employers need to innovate and to keep up with their competitors in the UK and globally.

Institute of Technology courses are practical – they don’t follow the academic format of A Levels and traditional degrees – and they’re developed in conjunction with industry partners to ensure they develop the skills needed.

A smart choice for a rewarding career

With the shortage of skilled technical workers in the UK at the moment, there’s no better time to get qualified and enter the workplace. Institutes of Technology are designed to produce the multi-skilled technologists of the future…

Employers are looking specifically for candidates with the skills Institute of Technology courses deliver – and salaries within related industries reflect this!