European placements

Why not combine your work experience with the chance to travel – expenses paid – to a European city?

Erasmus+ offers students an opportunity to work for two or three weeks in countries like France, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic.

As well giving you industry-based training relevant to your course, and developing skills connected with doing work experience, Erasmus+ can help:

  • Develop your awareness of different cultures
  • Give you a taste of other languages (or improve your language skills if you know some basics!)
  • Build your confidence of working not just at home but abroad
  • Inspire you to explore other countries – either in your career or your own time
  • Show you’re keen to learn and to travel when you’re looking for employment
  • Make your CV stand out!

What’s more, your travel and accommodation expenses will be covered. You’ll also receive a living allowance for food and drink.

For more information about the Erasmus+ programme contact your tutor.

EU flag Erasmus

Student Experiences

My confidence, as well as independence, has grown tremendously over the three week period living in Prague. Living away from home was not necessarily a problem due to the fact I have been on exchange programmes in the past. However, living with other students and having to manage essentials like budgeting gave me a taste of responsibility. I know that I would not get that opportunity if I did work experience in the UK close to home.

Business learner who travelled to Czechia

I feel like this international placement will help me in the future because I have gained some new skills and techniques which I can put into effect while I am at work in the UK. It has also boosted my confidence so now when I work I will have more confidence in my work.

Plumbing learner who travelled to Spain

The positive experiences that I gained is my communication skills, my competence, teamwork and understanding, because like I said this experience forced me or challenged me to modify the way I think to be able to overcome the barriers and difficulties during my stay. The negative aspect is that the length of this experience is not enough for me. I wanted more time because I really enjoyed working with the service users and the staff.

Learner who travelled to Portugal