Level 1

Fitness is Fun & Healthy Eating


2 weeks


Rush Green Campus


Apr 2022


Adult 19+



For adult and children to learn how to eat healthily with good kitchen hygiene, and encouraging children to be fit and active in fun ways.

These sessions take place on Saturday mornings, and parents can attend with their children aged 5-11.

Why nutrition is important, and how combining exercise and maintaining a healthy weight helps your body stay fit and strong.

You will learn how to design a healthy eating plan, understand different food groups, and how your body gets nutrients from food. You will also learn about kitchen hygiene and best practices, so you can safely prepare food.

It is important to engage children early to become fit and healthy as they will be less likely to become obese and develop long-term illnesses. Exercise builds confidence and self-esteem; this also contributes to mental and social wellbeing.

Activities include:

  • Parents will attend a 1.5 hour introduction to healthy cooking
  • Exciting and keep fit activities for children aged 5 – 11 years old, including children's circuit training & invasion games (2 hours)

This course is free. You must live in the UK and be aged 19 or over.

Healthy eating and exercise are essential for maintaining good health, developing strong bones and can promote a positive mood. Eating healthily improves gut health, and can also protect against developing diseases and certain types of cancers.

These skills are important for life and inside the home.

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