Level 3

Smart Home Technician


53 weeks


Rush Green Campus


Sep 2022


Adult 19+


Installing, configuring, calibrating, and troubleshooting a range of electrically connected Digital Home Technologies.

The growth of home networks connected to the internet and the level of communication between people and devices has created a new technological landscape in which almost every aspect of our homes can become one home technology ecosystem.  From our audio, video, home cinema, and security systems to our heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, and even our window blinds, doors, and gates, our home environments are integrating into single, controllable home experiences.

Today’s Smart Home Technician (SHT) is the professional who installs, configures, and maintains this ecosystem.  Their work objective is to deliver a simple, secure, reliable, and sustainable user experience according to industry best practice and within project timelines and scope.  The SHT will work on construction sites and in homes with senior colleagues such as a Senior SHT, Smart Home Designer, Networking Specialist, or Home Theatre Designer to create integrated systems using a variety of equipment and services from other suppliers.

To achieve the apprenticeship standard all components must be completed, including Functional skills at the required level if the apprentice doesn’t have exemptions. All apprenticeship standards include an end point assessment which is required to complete the standard.

Working a minimum of 30 hours per week within a suitable job role.

Upon successful completion of the Data Technician apprenticeship, apprentices can progress to full-time employment, or choose to continue their development through a Level 4 Apprenticeship.