Advanced Carpentry and Joinery


2 years


Rush Green


Flexible dates


Adult 19+

Learners may either be working on a construction site, or in a workshop, creating and installing building components.  An advanced carpenter and joiner is able to undertake complex job tasks, requiring high levels of practical skills and knowledge, in addition to managing their own work and leading small teams.

Modules will include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Understand the programme and work schedule for their work area and plan their work accordingly.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with managers, supervisors and work colleagues.
  • Determine the best way of carrying out the work and ensure this is communicated clearly to colleagues.
  • Interpret technical specifications and ensure compliance with legislation/guidance
  • Select the required quantity and quality of resources required for carrying out complex and non-standard work, including timber, tools and fixings.
  • Taking the lead when working in a team
  • Communication
  • Understand how to access data, including an understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM.) and its impact on construction projects.

To achieve the apprenticeship standard all components must be completed, including Functional skills at the required level if the apprentice doesn’t have exemptions. All apprenticeship standards include an end point assessment which is required to complete the standard.

A-C or 4-9 GCSE

Working a minimum of 30 hours per week

Upon successful completion of the Carpentry and Joinery programme learners can choose to continue their development through a Level 4 Apprenticeship.

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