14-16 Young College

Young College at Barking & Dagenham College is an alternative education provider serving Barking and Dagenham and surrounding Boroughs.

The cohort consists of a diverse mix of students, who may have complex barriers to learning. Young College offers full time programmes which help address particular issues that some young people may have, for example motivation, behaviour and attitude, attendance and punctuality. This may impact on their ability to succeed at school.

Young College offers both set and bespoke timetables to ensure we are able to best meet the needs, abilities and circumstances of all our students. The College works with the students to enable them to successfully participate in education and progress into further training, apprenticeship or work post-16.

We also offer part-time work related learning, enabling our learners to experience vocational work.

Our programmes are more than a qualification, they also include:

  • T-Shaped Skills Development
  • Extensive Enrichment Programme
  • Progression routes onto both academic and vocational courses post 16
  • Vast range of vocational options
  • Industry standard Workshops
  • In-Class Support
  • Progress Mentors
  • Pastoral care

Applying to Young College

Applications for 14 -16 year olds must be made using the application/referral form by the referring school where the student is currently enrolled.

Please speak to the Young College team for more information: 020 8090 3020