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If you’re looking for employment within the logistics industry, we have courses that have been designed to reflect the current needs of employers, providing you with the skills and training that will help further your career.

We have a range of courses suited for a career in logistics, giving you the option to study the specific areas you're interested in. These include; health and safety, warehousing and storage, team leadership, understanding data protection and data security.

If you're currently working in a warehouse, completing one of our courses could help you progress to higher roles such as a supervisor or team leader. Alternatively, if you are not already working in the logistics industry, after completing a course, your qualification will help you secure a job within this sector.

With online shopping seeing major growth in recent years, this has opened the job market to a number of supply chain opportunities for employment, many of which are local.

Whether you're looking to develop new skills or improve existing knowledge, we offer evening study options, so you can continue with your work as you learn and upskill.